Form a team, Create a prototype, Win the pitch, Build the future: HackOps

Harbor Entrepreneur Center, April 19-21st 2024


What to build?

The goal of HackOps is to bring together the tech and business communities to build innovative startups using the latest technology. In 48 hours, participants will form teams, then create both a prototype and a pitch for their best collective idea that addresses an issue impacting our community.

The project must be socially responsible, technologically innovative, and viable as a business. The teams will be evaluated on their project's creativity, impact, technical feasibility and scalability. The winning teams will recieve prize support and resources to help turn their tech-driven idea into a reality and make a positive impact on the community. 

What to Submit

Live tech demo and pitch: Teams will give a 5-minute presentation that pitches the project and shows the prototype built during the hack. The pitch should be a concise yet complete view of an idea, including:

  • The Problem
  • Your Solution (demo this)
  • Business Model
  • Your Team
  • Next Steps

The team will pitch to the HackOps audience and judges at the end of the final day. There will be a Q & A session after each of the pitches. Teams must upload their presentation materials to Devpost. Following a traditional pitch structure such as Guy Kawasaki's Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch will give you a strong framework. You could also consider using a business model canvas such as the Lean Canvas to help guide your thinking and build out the business model portion of the pitch.

Hackathon Sponsors


To be announced (3)

Prizes will be announced as we approach the event date. Stay tuned!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Lancie Affonso
Honors College Faculty Fellow, College of Charleston

Will Horn

Will Horn
Founder, g/d/n/a

Jeremy Berman

Jeremy Berman
Founder & President, GoodUnited

Bradley Dalton-Oats

Bradley Dalton-Oats
Product Consultant, CharlestonHacks

Troy Knauss

Troy Knauss
Faculty Member, Entrepreneurship, College of Charleston School of Business

Eric Thome

Eric Thome
Fractional COO, Consultant

Matt Brady

Matt Brady
Economic Development Manager /Town of Mount Pleasant

Brian Gillespie

Brian Gillespie
Partner/Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough

Gavin Coyle
Head of Growth/Enok Collective

Brian Cashin

Brian Cashin
Vice President /Teamworthy Ventures

Venkat Ramshesh

Venkat Ramshesh
Digital Community Architect at g/d/n/a

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    How the solution pushes the boundaries of current technology or addresses existing challenges in a new and innovative way.
  • Technical Difficulty
    The complexity of the technical implementation or the challenge addressed.
  • Execution
    How well was the idea executed and implemented within the given time frame.
  • Presentation
    How well the team communicates their idea, demonstrating it's value and potential impact.
  • Design
    The visual appeal and strength of the user experience.
  • Social Responsibility
    Whether the solution considers ethical implications and adheres to principles such as privacy, security, fairness and inclusivity.
  • Revenue
    How well does the proposal identify the monetization strategy.
  • Functionality
    How well does the functionality of the application solve the problem it addresses and the value and the unique or creative solutions it provides.
  • Originality
    Are there existing available commercial or non-commercial solutions for what was created? Does the application addresses a currently unaddressed problem? How different is the product from existing solutions?
  • Target Customer
    How well the proposal identifies the addressable market and the target customer.
  • Competetive Advantege
    The competitive advantages of the application.
  • Additional Judging Criteria
    Additional judging criteria to follow.

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